Elisa Kraal

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Your Integrated Language Assistant 

We’re combining two insights into one creative idea to help refugees make the first step into their new lives.

Insight 1: Refugees have to wait for asylum for weeks, months or even years. Until asylum has been granted they have limited access to education. This, while learning the language of their host country is key to stimulate quick integration.

Insight 2: There is often a lot of waiting during the asylum seeking process. Refugees tend to spend this time seeking contact with their friends and family.

Creative idea: The conversations refugees have via their own mobile device with friends and families can be used to learn the new language of their host country. How?  ->


By installing “YILA”! After activating the keyboard in the settings of their mobile phone every word or sentence typed will be red out loud. So during their daily conversations with family they are learning a new language.

YILA will be available in different variations. Translating from all the different languages spoken by refugees to all the different languages of the several host countries. For example: Arabic to Dutch, Arabic to English or Arabic to German, but also Kurdish to Dutch, Somali to Dutch or Turkish to Dutch. YILA can be used in any app on your mobile phone, because it’s integrated into your keyboard.


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